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Preparing For College Admission

Since the road to college is different for every student and family, I offer both an all-inclusive package and hourly consulting.

Lydia G., Santa Rosa, CA

"I cannot say enough positive things about Barbara. A college counselor is certainly an expense that is not in everyone's budget, but she can tailor her level of assistance, and it is well worth it. Barbara spent time helping my daughter evaluate schools based on what she was looking for, verified she was taking the right courses in high school to target the colleges she was interested in, and guided her in registering for the the appropriate college entrance exams. Most importantly, however, Barbara gets to know your child so she can assist with essay topics that are unique and spotlight your child, and she also works with them to make edits to keep essays within limits while making sure they pack in the most punch. This is where you will experience the full value of her expertise as a college counselor. In this day and age, applying for college can be daunting, and teenagers need direction and assistance that most schools just cannot provide. There is an art to writing good college application essays and her experience and suggestions were invaluable- and having someone other than a parent reminding you when your essays/applications are due - priceless!!"

Dana H., Petaluma, CA

"What can I say about Barbara--she is terrific. She did exactly what she outlined to us when we booked her package deal in the late fall of my daughter's junior year. The deal was worth every penny. We are so grateful to have had Barbara to lean on through the college admissions process. She helped my daughter identify areas of interest and then guided her through the development of a college list based on those interests. She promised that our daughter would be done with all of her applications by Thanksgiving, and she was. We didn't have to nag one bit. Barbara kept her on track and really educated her on the process. Thank you, Barbara, for making this process completely stress-free for all of us. We'll be calling on you again next year when our next one is ready to start the process."

Robin H., New York, NY

"Having a private college counselor for our high school senior proved to be the best investment and experience we could hope for. Barbara Shore really got to know our son and his particular needs in regards to finding a small learning environment for college. On one of my first conversations with Barbara, she informed me that, “There is a college for anyone who wants to attend.” I have two sons with learning disabilities. One has ADD and the other has an auditory processing disability. I was so happy to know that they too would be able to benefit from a college experience just like everyone else. I know that my son would not have had the patience or the attention span to complete his investigations and applications of the colleges he had chosen without Barbara’s help. She helped him with his essays. She encouraged him, made him accountable for the process and followed up with him to make sure he was completing his tasks in the timely manner that is needed. She was patient, kind, and intuitive.  She is super smart and knows all about the pros and cons of every college. She called the colleges directly if she had a question. Last but not least, Barbara kept us informed so we were not out of the loop, but were able to stand back and watch her empower our son on his journey into adulthood. We highly recommend Barbara Shore to anyone looking for a private college counselor"


I work with students and families to clarify and explore the following questions/topics:

  • Timeline and college roadmap development

  • Curriculum and extracurricular activity planning

  • Clarifying academic and career goals/interests

  • College list preparation

  • Reaching out to colleges of interest

  • College visit prep

  • Reviewing offers of admission

  • College decision/action assessment

  • Test recommendations (i.e., SAT v. ACT)

  • Topic development, writing and reviewing college essays

  • Application review

  • Teacher recommendations

  • Interview prep

  • Understanding and navigating the financial aid process

  • Assistance with the college transfer process

Comprehensive College-Prep Package

This program begins during the junior year of high school and continues through students’ college acceptances. 

It includes everything a student needs to learn about the college process, research schools of interest, develop a balanced and well thought out college list, determine how to prepare for the SAT or ACT, brainstorm and write essays, learn about early decision/early action options, prepare applications, monitor deadlines, prep for interviews, request recommendations, review acceptances, evaluate financial aid offers, and make informed decisions about which school to attend.

The comprehensive program includes:

  • 30 meetings covering all of the services listed under “College Admissions Questions & Topics.”

  • Unlimited email, text and phone contact with me throughout students’ junior and senior years.

  • Up to four 30-minute parent meetings.

  • Access to the Custom College Plan platform for college research and list development.


A+ College Essays:
Hourly Consulting

College essays are a critical part of college applications. I work closely with students to find essay topics that showcase their values, goals and achievements as well as provide an edge in the admissions process. Throughout the process, I offer guidance on writing style, mechanics and voice so that students not only produce top-flight college essays, but improve their writing ability in the process.

Application Review: Hourly Consulting

For students who complete their applications and essays independently, a review of their materials prior to submission can build confidence and bolster admissions opportunities.  When reviewing application packages, I not only spot errors and omissions, but offer suggestions for strengthening essays/supplements and wording.

Transfer Students: 
Special Package or Hourly Consulting

For students who are transferring from a junior college to a four-year school or for those who want to transfer from one four-year school to another, I provide two options. In addition to hourly consulting focused on students’ particular needs, I offer a transfer package that includes 15 meetings, up to eight colleges and access to the Custom College Plan platform for school research and list development.

Request a Complimentary 30-minute Zoom Consultation

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